How To Become An Online Entity

Online Entity using knowledge graph

A Quick Essential Tips On How To Become An Online Entity

[ Local Business – Organization – Personal ]: Using JSON-LD & Knowledge Graph

Ever heard of JSON-LD & Knowledge Graph? If not, then you surely are missing out a lot. In fact, these two have become vital items for digital marketers in today’s world.

Nevertheless, there is no need for you to be worried much as we would be providing you a few quick essential tips on how you can become an online entity using these two methods.

ON DECEMBER 16, 2015 GOOGLE RELEASED their Knowledge Graph Search API which allows you to query their Knowledge Graph for entities. The announcement was made via the Freebase.


how I was able to make myself an entity using api or widget

Here is Google Developers video that explains how the Knowledge Graph works.

Google Knowledge Graph API

WordPress Widget:

Google inc Google knowledge graph

# 1

Make the knowledge graph know the things that can be found on your site

Before the actual query process is done, indexing and the analysis of the content is done first. This process is essential to boost the answer presentation including pre-extracting as well as disambiguating entities. There is a need for you to know that Google has created the knowledge graph in order to give an identity to an entity.

Through the creation of these identities, search engines can then understand the intent of the user for the ambiguous search query that they have performed. So, instead of matching the query to the keywords used, the search engine would then try to understand what you mean with your query.

This is the reason why you need to make the knowledge graph know the things that can be found on your site.

# 2

Connect and define your site’s identities

The specific content pages on your site including your products, events and executive profile pages should be marked up. That way, Google would have an easier time determining where to find the content that is being searched for all the other content on your site.

Then, after marking up your content, you can start defining your entity so that Google would have an idea on its relation with the other entities. There are so many ways for you do this, one is to use open data sources that are specific to your city, country or industry.

# 3

Consistency is the key

In all of your data sources, everything should be consistent, especially when it comes to the phone number, name and even the address that you are using. Consistency in your URL is also very important.

For example, if you have used only www. on one of your data sources, then it is not suggested for you to add http:// before it.

# 4

Implement an organization schema markup

On your website, don’t forget to implement an organization schema markup. On the other hand, if you are doing this for an individual, then you can use the person markup. Make sure to specify your social profiles and your logo.

There is a need for you to know that you can actually specify the specific image that Google should use as the logo of your organization on the knowledge graph.

On the other hand, when you markup your profile links, the algorithm of Google processes your specified profile and then displays the profile that is most relevant to the query made by the user.

Also, make sure that what you have marked up is visible to the user. This can help you achieve better recognition and broader reach in search results.

# 5

Troubleshoot your markup

You can troubleshoot your markup by using a structured data testing tool. This ensures that the properties specify suitable values like the correct logo, contact information, and name. You can also make suggested changes to the knowledge graph card.

For example, once Google as crawled on your marked-up page and you have seen information that is incorrect, you should report it immediately. This can be done by simply clicking on the “Feedback” link that can be found at the bottom of the card.

Now, in case you are a recognized entity or authority, then you would be provided with more options for editing. You also need to tell Google in case there is something on your page that needs to be updated and whether or not it has something to do with the entity.

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So, if you wanted to become an online entity with the use of JSON-LD& knowledge graph, just all the tips mentioned and discussed in this article to ensure that you can achieve your goal fast and without any fail. If you have any query, post comment below we will get back. You can ask for a free consultation if you need any assistance.

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