6 Ideas on Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet

6 Compelling Ideas on Featured Snippet to increase website traffic

Achieving success in any online business is not an easy task for any marketer as it requires a lot of planning and a right approach. In a fiercely competitive market, increased online visibility and website traffic are the two most important priorities of every business.

Major search engines such as Google, in an effort to provide quick and accurate results, have been increasing their use of featured snippets, over the past few years.

What is Featured Snippet and how it helps the marketers?

The featured snippet box is a recent concept and a beneficial tool introduced by Google to consolidate the marketing efforts and provide accurate information to the users.

Featured snippets are the organically selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s results page below the ads in a box. The selected answers get prime placement on the page, which makes sure to drive higher traffic to the webpage.

The best part is that Google Snippets is not paid to advertise and is totally organic to give a fair chance to the marketers to take advantage of this function.

Let’s assume Keyword is “Recruitment Agency”

Questions Visualisation
Questions Visualization
Prepositions Visualisation
Prepositions Visualization
Comparisons Visualisation
Comparisons Visualization

Ideas about Featured Snippet to enhance the website traffic

Here are a few tips for taking advantage of this feature and learn how to get featured snippets for your site-

# 1

Optimize your website for Featured Snippet (Google Answer box)

Google’s SERP has gone through an evolution in recent times, with the addition of a rich featured snippet known as Google’s Answer Box.

The featured snippet (Google Answer Box) generally appears at the top of the SERPs and is a much-coveted spot for marketers these days.

By optimizing the Google answer box, marketers can ensure to enhance their website traffic in an organic manner.

# 2

Do not underestimate the power of good old keyword research

There have been multiple studies confirming that the majority of featured snippets are triggered by long-tail keywords. The more is the number of words that are typed into a search box, the higher the probability of a featured snippet.

Hence, it’s always a good idea to start with researching your keywords to maximize the website traffic.

Another important point to keep in mind when performing keyword research with featured snippets is always to start with question-type search queries such as “what,” “why,” “how etc. as these are the easiest to identify.

# 3

Packing many similar questions in single article

The very concept of featured snippets is based on the premise that once a page gets featured, it’s likely to get featured in lots of similar queries as well. This means that it should be structured and worded in a way that it addresses a lot of related questions.

Since Google is very good at determining synonymic and closely related questions, marketers should do the same to enhance website traffic.

# 4

Identify and target the search queries where you already rank high

One of the obvious ways to take advantage of the featured snippet is by identifying the phrases your business is already rank highly for. These will be the easiest to get featured for after you optimize for Google answer boxes.

# 5

Organization of questions is important

In order to combine many closely related questions in one page, it is essential to organize the queries properly which allows the marketers to structure the content well.

Some useful tips in this aspect could be-

  • A generic selection of keyword for a section or a category of the blog
  • Specific search query as the title of the article and also to determine the subheadings of the article

# 6

Keep updating and re-uploading the images

It is known facts that paragraph featured snippets with images are very eye-catching.Since the Word press adds dates to image URLs, even after updating the content with newer information the images can be considered old, making it essential to keep updating the images to generate organic traffic through Google snippets.

You will be amazed to see the difference in the website traffic with paragraph featured snippets along with images once you start updating the fresh images.

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