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Give your business a SMAC boost

SMAC or the social, mobile, analytics and cloud are the new innovative concepts of four different technologies that rule the modern business.

SMAC is a powerful ecosystem to improve the operations of a business. It creates a good bonding with the customers of a business with lesser overhead. You can reach maximum customers with this process. A great combination of these four systems gives a free rein to the new, innovative business ideas regarding the business methodologies, workflows, products, and services. SMAC is actually a single tool and comprehensive technology to provide holistic and innovative solutions for business.

This fusion of four new technologies combines to form a key disruptive change in the technological world. People of the modern age are expecting more flexibility in their business by promoting an ability to work anywhere, anytime from their own devices.

These expectations are getting more impact on the way, how the businesses interact with the customers. The customers are also driving the change.

SMAC has been introduced newly and so the system becomes cheap and robust enough for different purposes.

SMAC: Social-Mobility-Analytics-Cloud

Social Media Trends

Social Media and the impact of it is quite vast nowadays. It is now one of the most important areas to focus on modern businesses. Social media is now more instrumental to shape up the consumer’s decision and their behavior.

Social media and its importance are now growing exponentially. People are now using platforms to advise and give ideas to others about what the products are, what they should buy, where to buy the products from? and even the concerns they will have to deal with.

For brand building and customer engagement, social media is opening so much scope. It is now the foremost important thing for every business enterprise to set up a good social media strategy. But sadly most of the people are using the social media platforms only for customer service purposes. There are many business enterprises that use the platform for marketing and sales only.

Social media is now the best way to reach out to the customers by sharing different knowledge through various networks to boost up the best marketing results for a company.

Mobility: “Bring your own device”

Mobile technology is bigger now. Most of the people own smartphones nowadays, even the young people too. Mobile technology is now everywhere.

“Bring your own device” concept is becoming popular with the employees while they spend most of the time at their workplace or even work at their leisure time. Mobile devices have now revolutionized the way people are accessing the digital content.

M-commerce is the newest concept in this genre, a new stream of business. With the revolution of tablets and smartphones, digital contents are now very easy to access for the customers. With such simple and easy accessibility there is a dramatic change from laptop or desktop to mobiles. Mobile devices are now the best way of mobility and flexibility. Users can access data now without going to a fixed place.

Mobile banking facility is the newest thing in the financial service industry that grows so fast. Mobile banking service is becoming popular due to the increasing use of mobile devices. Not only the Customers are buying different products now by using the mobile devices but they are performing pre-buying procedures too, like browsing different products and services or the comparison of products.

Mobile devices are endorsing a useful channel between the buyers and sellers. Different enterprises are jumping for a new service only when they are mobile ready or when they are launching the products with mobile applications. This is now the growing trend of our new age society.

Analytics: Utilized & Analyzed

If you have decided to set your marketing strategy via social media and take mobile technology into account, it is quite essential to measure your success. There are so many analysis-software that are very suitable to measure the social media marketing campaigns. Many paid sources are available now at very reasonable cost.

There are also free resources on few websites. You can determine every detail of your potential customers and how successful your particular adverts can be, and these can also measure the return on your investment in social media.

Each year enterprises generate lots of data of their ongoing works. Keeping the data analysis in a proper way is possible with the use of low-cost hardware.

It can make the process feasible to salvage and process moreAnalytics info. These data are hugely valuable for the companies if they have properly utilized and analyzed the data and these can be used later as the competitive tools of the enterprises.

For every company, it is essential to identify different prospect of data analytics that can be stored for future use to make the right strategies for their business. With this process, the retailers can get an idea about the selling status of their products before launching it and the interest level of the customers for certain products or services previously.

To build up the future activities of a company, predictive analytics are merely important.

There are few sources that the company can use to have their data analysis for different economic years.

  • Comprising of internet data including the records of social media and the links of social networking.
  • Initial researches of the company including the experiments, observations and different types of surveys.
  • Research on the industry reports, business data, and consumer data.
    Location-based data, geospatial data and the data of mobile devices.
  • Available data of images like satellite image, video, and the surveillance
    Vendor catalogs, data from the supply chain, quality information of any product and pricing details.
  • Different types of data sensors including telemetry.

Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingCloud computing is a  practice to keep the files and documents on a remote set of servers that can be accessed via broadband. With this, you can get a huge set of data saved quickly and securely.

Clouds are used mostly for offsite backups of a company. The use of the cloud computing enables for working with tablets, laptops, smartphones and sharing files across devices and users.

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