Designerlines Web App

DesignerLines is a Networking System for emerging clothing designers. This Networking Web Application can help clothing designers meet the right partners and suppliers, source the right fabrics & even help you with their business model.

Designerlines Networking Web Application

This Web Application has fabrics management module in the admin section. It also has E-learning module also which sources course as well as video tutorials for designers.

Creative Responsive Design

Product Management with payment gateway

User Management Module

E-learning Module

Technologies used for this Website Development


Since requirement gathering is the first and essential step of a project, we give it utmost attention. We gather requirements by doing multiple conference calls with the client which results in a lot of questions and answers. This brainstorming session brings the client needs in front of us which makes the project success ratio very high.

Good planning leads to successful execution of a project. We here at InferaSolz sit together and plan every project and make project documentation. Good code is its own best documentation. We plan well so our project execution is easy and success rate is high.

Our highly experienced team love to take up new challenges. We never hesitate to work on something new and we always give new options to our clients. We do enjoy the “what if” type situations that challenges the limitations of programming . Correct solutions leads to a successful end result.

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