Website Development
Website Development

InferaSolz brings together a dedicated team of web developers specializing in all areas of website development, providing both client & server-side services. In order to successfully implement your ideas, we use the latest technologies & IT trends, we are always ready to provide the most cost-effective solution for your requirements. Our team can create a new website for your business as well as redesign an existing one.

E-commerce Development
E-commerce Development

As for the development of an e-commerce website, you need a partner who is focused and experienced in providing the best online professional web solutions to the companies. With these professionals under one roof, InferaSolz’s goal is to provide you with all design services, development, & marketing research needed to succeed online. Our comprehensive access to the service enables us to ensure your overall success.

CMS Development
CMS Development

The Content Management System (CMS) is a software application that facilitates the creation and management of content. You can easily change the content of your website via Admin panel. The system enables users to manage rich content easily. By solving the content publishing process, content management systems eliminate the need for cost-effective maintenance, enabling you to manage your content yourself.

Custom Web App Development Company
Custom Web App Development

InferaSolz is a web application development agency with 8 years of experience in building web applications. Our dedicated developers have successfully and flawlessly completed over 200 projects in various industries, like e-commerce, Construction recruitment agency, e-learning, entertainment, finance & more. Our web application development solutions are designed to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Responsive Website
Responsive Website Design

If you do not want your website to look like the same templates that everyone is currently using; You’ve come to the right place. InferaSolz offers Responsive website design services for medium & large websites as well as the creation of microsites. Our team can create a completely new website or redesign an existing one. We provide first-class customer service during as well as after project completion.

Mobile application development
Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications are rapidly becoming an important part of every business. With more smartphones in the market today, ensuring you have a high-quality mobile app is not only incredibly important but becomes essential for successful Business growth. InferaSolz develops a wide variety of custom mobile apps for IOS & Android which allows your customers to have all your information at their fingertips.

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Additional Services

Construction Recruitment Agency Application

InferaSolz is highly experienced in developing construction recruitment applications, which starts with a Website, Candidate center, Client Center, Payroll, Data Center, credit center.

Plugins & Extensions Development

if you are looking for a special custom add-on function or widget for your website we can help you create custom plugins that provide you with the features you need.

Payroll And Attendance Application

InferaSolz’s Payroll and attendance application have everything a company wants or can be tailored to the company’s requirement. The pay application simplifies the aspects of payment.

Oracle Application Express

We offer unique Oracle experience, a unique & proven approach to Oracle application implementation for the industry. Our custom Oracle applications link, automate, & empower your business.

Custom Software Development

We create not just custom software; we are creating solutions to your business problems. Whether you are a beginner or an established company, we will be happy to assist you.

Support & Maintenance

We provide you with the best support and maintenance experience, providing certified, fully qualified and certified industrial customers with regular support and maintenance checks.

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