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In business today, customers require web applications that offer hyper-connectivity, extreme adaptation, and real-time adaptation. These expectations are changing the landscape of web & mobile app development, as well as the way organizations, choose their web application development firm, with new technology trends such as package solutions, SMAC (social analysis, mobile, and cloud), open source tools. Organizations want web development companies who can collaborate & connect with them as strategic business partners to help them improve business value.

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Load Optimization

Website page loading speed is an important factor for a website to reduce bounce rate, as search engines only want to return content which is fast and easy to use.

User Friendly Navigation

Google likes user friendly and consistent navigation. So simple navigation structure & quality links is a must.

On time Delivery

Timely delivery is our priority. Every business want to launch their product on time as this affects the business planning, so timely delivery is our top priority keeping quality in mind.

100% Responsive

A responsive website should fit on any device irrespective of its screen size. Google’s mobile algorithm rewarded websites for being responsive & mobile friendly.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team of developers help each client to focus from requirement analysis to end result which helps them launch an excellent product.

Reasonable Price

We provide you with reasonable prices which are affordable by start-ups, small as well as medium business houses keeping best quality in mind.

Rich Content

All content should be well written & structured appropriately. High quality & relevant content builds reputation and trust, and generates natural SERPs to satisfy users.

Quality Work

Our Highly experienced resources use advanced technologies which differentiates our work from your competitors.

Professional Support

Support is our biggest strength. We are available almost 15 hours a day which covers all time zones and we respond in a very quickly manner mostly in a few minutes.

Our services


Website Design & Development

InferaSolz brings together a dedicated team of web developers specializing in all areas of website development. Accessing websites on mobile phones is growing at a rapid pace. Responsive website design makes your website look good on all mobile devices.

Responsive Website

Custom Web App Development

Custom Web application solutions are designed to help you achieve your business goals & run your business effectively. Wе work wіth you tо build a grеаt user experience thаt adds vаluе tо уоur business аudіеnсе.

E-commerce Development

Ecommerce & CMS Development

From selling products or subscriptions to payment services, an E-commerce website is a one-stop shop & a CMS website enables users to create, organize & maintain rich content on their website effectively. We are always ready to provide most cost-effective solution.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application nowadays is a necessity for a business depending on the business domain. With more smartphones in the market today, ensuring you have a high-quality mobile app is highly imperative.

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